What to Expect

1st Visit (about 30 minutes): During the first visit we will discuss your surgery and amputation, your hobbies, lifestyle, and goals. From this we can discuss your prosthetic choices. If you have not already received a shrinker we will fit you with one at this visit. The shrinker should be worn 23 out of 24 hours.

2nd Visit (30-60 minutes): During the second visit we will measure the residual limb and make a cast that will be used in the fabrication of your socket.

3rd Visit (about 45 minutes): This visit will be for the fitting of your test socket. This is a clear thermoplastic (adjustments can be made by heating the plastic) socket that allows us to see the residual limb inside the socket. We will note any adjustments that will need to be made. Please come to this appointment wearing comfortable clothing and be prepared for standing and walking in parallel bars.

4th Visit (30-45 minutes): This visit is for a 2nd test fitting with a clear socket with any modifications needed from the first fitting.

Note: not all patients will need this second fitting. This will allow us to put the finishing touches on your socket to ensure the best fit.

5th Visit (30-60 minutes): During this visit we will go over the donning (putting on) and doffing (taking off) of your prosthesis. You will be asked to walk in the parallel bars. We will make any final adjustments to the alignment of your leg. At this visit you will be leaving with your leg.

Follow-ups (about 30 minutes): You will be asked to come in for 1-2 week follow-ups to ensure that the fit is proper and you are comfortable with your prosthesis. At this time we will cover your leg so that it more closely resembles your natural leg. Follow-ups will then continue every 3-6 months depending on need and comfort level.

Please be aware that this will take time, hard work, and patience. Not everyone will return to a “normal” life at the same pace. Please feel free to call us at anytime. You do not need to wait for your next appointment to get help or advice.