Compression Hose

We offer a wide variety of styles and colors in medical compression stockings. Sigvaris provides the highest quality compression therapy available.

Their Precise Fit Sizing System allows for a more accurate and comfortable fit. A visit to our office is required for an accurate measurement and sizing. No appointment is necessary.

The following styles are offered in 20-30mmhg and 30-40mmhg compessions: 230 Cotton Series, 360 Cushion Cotton, 770 Truly Transparent, 860 Comfort Series, and 961 Value Care.

These items do not require a doctor’s prescription, but we strongly recommend speaking with your physician first and obtaining an appropriate prescription.

We also offer Sigvaris’s over-the-counter 15-20mmhg graduated, therapuetic compression hose. These items are not currently in stock, but can be ordered by phone and picked up in our office.