Prosthetic Arms

Functional Cosmetic Hand and Finger (links?)

Below the Elbow (links?)

Above the Elbow (links?)


Myoelectric Prostheses

We use the latest components in nerve impulse controlled upper extremity prosthetics. The latests innovations provide the highest speed with the greatest control to date. The newest myoelectric hand also senses when items are slipping from your grip and automatically tighten the grip until it stops slipping.

Photo courtesy of Otto Bock

Voluntary Closing Hook

For active upper extremity amputees voluntary closing hooks provide the precise control of power and speed of the terminal device that many are looking for. Traditional devices use rubber bands to increase grip strength and to change this strength they must constantly be removed and reapplied. With voluntary closing hooks the amputee’s muscles are in complete control of the speed and power of the devices closing action.

Photo Courtesy of TRS

High-definition Silicone Restorations

Varying degrees of realistic restorations can be done. Detail varies from colored silicone skin with hair to more basic single-tone skins.

Photo courtesy Life-Like Laboratories