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C.R.O.W. Walker

The CROW walker is a combination of an ankle foot orthosis and a custom boot. The CROW walker was developed for patients with severe charcot changes that can not be treated by other means. The boot is lined with a custom insert molded from the patient’s affected limb. The walker is easy to take off and on to allow for bathing and maintaining proper hygiene.

Diabetic Shoes

We are proud to carry Comfortrite by Sequoia.

This page shows a sample of our more popular shoes with a brief description. If you would like to see all the available styles feel free to visit www.comfortrite.com. We also cast for custom shoes and diabetic inserts.

The Sunrise is our most popular shoe. The entire forefoot stretches to accomodate swollen and irregular feet. This shoe if beneficial for hammer toes, bunions, swelling, and other irregularities that cause discomfort in more rigid shoes.

Sunrise is also available in men’s.

The LycraTM top is also available in others styles in both men’s and women’s.

Valerie Nicole Essex Carolyn
Velcro closures Lace closures Men’s in lace or velcro Also available in black

Another popular style is Ryan. It is offered in extra depth and super depth to allow for extra room in the toe box. This shoe is also available in Cynthia for women.

Rooke Boot
The Rooke Boot® is ideal for patients being treated for ischemia, neuropathy or other related conditions. It is also useful for patients suffering from pressure ulcers. Gentle warming of the limb is achieved by reducing heat loss frequently associated with ischemic conditions. The boot does not create heat, but acts as an insulating barrier that retains body-generated heat. The RookeBoot® is designed to be a super-insulated product. It is intended to completely surround the foot, heel, and calf of the patient.

Orthowedge Healing Shoe

Finally, a shoe that elevates and protects the forefoot. The new and improved OrthoWedge® Healing Shoe offers the most advanced design for reducing pressure on the forefoot while allowing patients to maintain their mobility. Thanks to a newly designed shorter wedge, an even larger portion of the forefoot is offloaded. This allows ulcerations under the metatarsal heads and toes to heal faster. OrthoWedge is the perfect choice for use after surgical procedures.

We can custom modify this shoe to relieve pressure to a wound site to maximize healing.

Heel Relief Shoe

This shoe is constructed to relieve pressure on the heel in cases of heel sores. The posterior of the shoe is cut out to allow the patient to walk on the healthy part of the foot while the posterior is allowed to heal.

DH Relief Walker

The “Platinum Solution” for treating plantar ulcers. The DH Pressure Relief Walker utilizes a short leg walker in conjunction with a patented pressure relief insole to assist in the healing of plantar ulcers. The plantar insole allows effective pressure relief and shear reduction. Pressure relief is easily created by the removal of numerous independent shock-absorbing hexagons. Photo courtesy of Royce Medical

This easily allows the insole to accommodate various sizes shapes and numbers of ulcers. It is believed the utilization of the short leg walker helps reduce shear by fixing the ankle at 90 degrees and incorporating a rocker bottom sole. This off-the-shelf product can be easier to apply than many other methods and save time and money when treating mild to moderate ulcers.