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Chairback LSO

For the conservative treatment of low grade spinal fractures, degenerative disc, and post-surgical spinal stabilization, these orthoses continue to be a standard in conservative care of many spinal conditions.

California LSO

The prefabricated California Spinal System® has been designed to alleviate pain, limit undesirable motion, and provide circumferential pressure to stabilize the spine. The basic system is a modular spinal [orthosis] with rigid components inside a soft and comfortable interface. Indicated for spinal problems between L3 and S1, it is a supportive, time efficient, comfortable alternative to hard shell custom spinal systems

Scoliosis Spinal Orthoses

Custom spinal jackets are fit to help limit spinal curve progression and, to varying degrees, restore a more natural body shape. Each orthosis is custom made for the special needs of each individual to provide the best results