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Iceross Seal-In Liner

The new Iceross Seal-In Liner is another major breakthrough in liner technology. It is a dramatically different and innovative suction suspension liner incorporating a hypobaric sealing membrane (HSM) that provides a firm, comfortable suspension without an external sleeve.

For lower limb amputees preferring a suction liner, liberation from the restriction of a sleeve offers substantially improved freedom of movement, increased comfort, and simplified maintenance.
Photo courtesy of Ossur

Vacuum Assisted Suction Suspension (VASS)

Depending on the amputee’s needs, there are several options for providing this new form of suspension for below knee amputees. VASS suspensions use negative pressure sockets to provide the amputee with an enhanced suspension which can eliminate the need to add socks, gives most patients the feeling that the leg is actually a part of them, and due to the enhanced suspension many times the amputee will feel that the prosthesis is lighter.

Adjustable Heel-height Feet

Adjustable heel-height feet allow the amputee to change the height of the heel up to 2 inches. This allows them to go from sandals to high heels with the push of a button.

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Frame Sockets

Our transfemoral (above knee) sockets can be fabricated as a rigid outer frame composed of carbon fiber to give the socket support and then the inside of the socket is composed of a super-soft silicone based plastic for comfort and flexibility. This construction has become the standard for high quality care in prosthetics.

Alpha locking/non-locking liners

This unique limb and skin protection interface surrounds the residual limb in a layer of skin-friendly, mineral-oil-based thermoplastic gel. Offered in 5 prefabricated styles and one truly custom style these liners are available in various fabrics and colors.

Photo courtesy of Ohio Willow Wood

Dynamic Response Feet

We use a variety of dynamic response feet that provide a return of energy with every step. These dynamic response feet use the latest carbon fiber and titanium constructions to provide our patients with light-weight prostheses and a more natural, less energy consuming gait.

Photo courtesy of Ottobock Healthcare

Rheo Knee

The RHEO KNEE is the world’s first microprocessor swing and stance knee system to utilize the power of artificial intelligence. Capable of independent thought, it learns how the user walks, recognizing and responding immediately to changes in speed, load and terrain.

The knee adapts to any situation, and not just within pre-set and limited parameters, enabling the individual to quickly regain confidence in his or her ability to walk where and how they choose

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Earthwalk 2 Foot

The EarthwalkTM 2 Flexible Keel Foot and Ankle System provides freedom of mobility that is more natural than any other flexible keel foot and ankle system on the market today. The revolutionary EarthwalkTM 2 Ankle provides an exceptionally smooth motion and more stability.
Photo courtesy of Ohio Willow Wood

The EarthwalkTM 2 Foot and Ankle Kit is lighter than many other foot/ankle combinations on the market and the new, durable design makes adjustments to the foot easier since the ankle is sleeker and taller. Offered in four different stiffnesses, the ankle is virtually maintenance-free and its parts never need to be replaced. The “late stop” ankle feature allows for easy roll over so the foot can maintain foot flat longer. This action is important for less-active amputees who require more stability and less dynamic response. Packaged with the EarthwalkTM 2 Flexible Keel Foot, this unit provides lower activity amputees (U.S. Levels 1 and 2) with outstanding smoothness at a value-minded price. The ability to maneuver a variety of terrains is important to many amputees, and with the EarthwalkTM 2 this is once again possible.

Cosmetic Covers

We cover our prostheses to protect them and provide a more natural appearance and feel. The level of cosmetics detail depends on the patients desires, function, and insurance.

Photo courtesy of Otto Bock

Custom sockets

We can also finish the prosthesis with any design or even with a polished carbon fiber finish.